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Lunatic Part 5, Mark Angel once again proves he is indeed a Lunatic as he applies for a job as an accountant and luckily got the job, but the following day, a colleague whom he introduced to 1xbet, the best betting platform that is super reliable, which you could also benefit from by signing up today and could even get up to 200% bonus of your initial deposited amount if you signup using the promo code, “Markbet” approached him and complained about how the company as not been giving him credit and promises to quit the job once he makes it big through 1Xbest as he plans to invest half of his next salary(a bold decision), and Mark not wanting him to quit his job decided to send him credit since credit was all he needed. The next morning Mark Angel sent the colleague’s salary  s an MTN credit of N300,000. This action got the colleague devastated as he misses out on a golden opportunity to invest in 1xbet that month a platform that would have finally made him rich.

The next morning, the colleague approaches Mark Angel and starts a  fight in a bid to get his money back, an action that would soon draw the attention of other employees who would soon find out how much of a lunatic Mark Angel their new accountant is.

Do you think Mark Angel is truly a LUNATIC?
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