Tunde Kelani, is a formally trained Photographer, Cinematographer and Filmmaker. An avid reader, a keen observer of society and its history as well as a natural storyteller, I engage culture as a film producer and director. I employ film as a tool of social, cultural and linguistic anthropological enquiry using the camera to present the cultural realities and social circumstances of individuals and communities I choose to engage as seen through their own eyes.

Tunde is known for his great movies such as Dazzling Mirage, Maami, Sidi Ilujinle, Abeni, Narrow Path, Saworo de, Agogo Eewo, Oleku, Ti Oluwa nile, etc.

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Hello Everyone,
Recently, we shared new contents from our YouTube page and authoritatively, we are excited to announce more quality content on the way for you. What comes to your mind when you hear about the study of Ifá or the relationship between formal education and Ifá? For your information, the University of Ifá is already receiving students application to study Bachelor degrees in Ifá Studies, Òrìṣà Studies and Òrìṣà Herbology starting from September 2021.
Coming soon, the complete Story of ṢaworoIdẹ. WATCH OUT!